Frequently Asked Questions


What is The Healing Hut?

The Healing Hut Wellness Center is a holistic primary care provider and wellness center. Offering many services such as massage, acupuncture, Rolfing Structural Integration, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Nutritional IV Therapy and so much more. See our Services Page for more info.

Are Naturopaths licensed in idaho?

Legislative Action in 2019 – With the help of many we were able to pass a licensing bill for NMDs in Idaho. This bill will go into effect in July 2020.

Do you accept Insurance?

The Healing Hut Wellness Center does not currently accept insurance. Payment is due at time of service. We accept cash, card and check. If labs are necessary, we can submit labs to insurance but do not guarantee coverage. Upon request, superbills can be provided.

What is a superbill?

A superbill is an itemized form used by healthcare providers for reflecting rendered services. Superbill is the main data source for creation of healthcare claim, which you can submit to your insurance.

What does an initial visit include?

A first treatment includes a full intake of presenting symptoms, past medical history, family history, bio-feedback and physical exams, as well as labs if warranted. You will go home with your treatment recommendations, including any supplements and herbs. Continuing care is scheduled every 6-8 weeks.


Who is IDAANP?

The Idaho Chapter of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (IDAANP) is the leading professional naturopathic medical organization in Idaho. The AANP ( is the national organization for licensed naturopathic physicians who are graduates from 4-year doctoral programs from federally (or USDE) accredited schools and who have passed a national licensing examination.

Do you take Care Credit?

The Healing Hut does not currently take Care Credit.

Do you accept Medicaid or Medicare?

The Healing Hut is not set-up to accept Medicare or Medicaid.